Referral CPR LLC Pricing

Accountability Support-is a consulting service offered by Brigitte Ades, customized and created for the individual or MLM teams who is absolutely committed to making sure that they follow through on their goals no matter what.

MLM Team Support

MLM Pricing (Many Lifting Many)
$100 Individual Team Calls up to 45 minutes.

$450.00 Monthly
Team Accountability, Consulting and Appreciation Marketing ® training.
Up to (15) 20-minute zoom or phone calls with your team members.
(2) 20-minute sessions just for you!
(1) Team Call
(1) A video made just for your team on any topic you would like.


Individual Consultation Appreciation Marketing® & Accountability

Discovery Session   20 Minutes    No charge

(1)-Session $150 1.5 Hr. Create a system set Appreciation Goals (1) follow up call

(3)-Sessions $320  20 Minute phone/webinar sessions

(8)-Sessions $640  20 Minute phone/webinar sessions

Unlimited 20 Minute phone/webinar sessions
to be used within 6 months $2,645

Appreciation Marketing® Consulting & Accountability Weekly Check In 20-minute call

Planning & Recognition 

Included- Learn great ideas how to recognize your Vendors, employees, and Clients.

Make an IMPACT not just an impression with Appreciation Marketing® Coaching.

AM Appreciation Marketing ® Workshop  2.5 Hour

Minimum 10 attendees $45 per person includes workbook. Great for Sales Teams!